Halloween paranormal travel: where to go in the scariest countries in the world

Halloween can also become an opportunity to travel to the scariest countries in the world. In the Anglo-Saxon countries, the All Saints’ Day on 31 October is the second annual holiday after Christmas. So the agency Premium Tours conducted a study called Paranormal Geography and compiled a ranking of the most ‘scary’ countries, infested by ghosts and paranormal presences such as aliens, zombies, devils, mythical creatures, vampires and amenities of the kind.

As much as it’s a goliardic studio (what’s wrong with that?!), even if you’re not exactly interested in a travel experience like this, you can have fun figuring out which are the most evil places on the planet.

The 35 scariest countries in the world for a scary trip

Nothing particularly in-depth: some sources have been chosen (very Wikipedia, then ufo-hunters, Imdb and others) and identified 4 categories: haunted locations, horror movies, sightings of UFOs and mythical creatures. The scores assigned for categories range from 1 to 10.

The final ranking is the sum of the scores.

In the first three places we see three Anglo-Saxon countries. The country with the most ‘presence’ is the United States, with a total of 29 points, at the top for the presence of bewitched places (grade 10), horror movies (10), well placed in terms of UFO sightings (7) even if a little scarce in mythical creatures (5). Nothing better than a trip to the most beautiful American national parks, in search of strong sensations.

In second place is England with 28 points, then Ireland with 26 and a good 10 for UFO sightings. In this sense you can try the 20 km tour in a day in London that we did and recommended, and something paranormal maybe you could see it.

Fourth is Japan, the best country to meet mythological creatures. Then Germany, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, Portugal, Holland and Colombia. Maybe: in Japan you can sleep in bookstores, there are museums with scary face shaped stones and luckily there are also fantastic ski resorts.

Paranormal Italy, how are we doing?

In the ranking of the study Italy is ‘only’ twenty-first, with some sightings of alien objects (mah) and a fifth place in the ranking of horror films (thanks, Dario Argento and Lamberto Bava). Maybe you can find something paranormal in the wildest places of Italy, in the tour Italia Into the Wild that we talk about here.

Here is the complete ranking of the 35 scariest countries in the world

Or, if you want to spend a scary Halloween night outdoors, telling scary stories by the fire, you can take inspiration from the selection made by Pitchup.com, the only instant booking platform for campsites in Italy, of campsites with something particularly dark scheduled for the night between October 31 and November 1:

Maniero della Rotta, Moncalieri – TO – Mill Park;

Villa Foscari, Mira -VE- Camping Fusina Tourist Village;

Villa Clara, Trebbo di Reno РBO РCentro Turistico Città di Bologna,

Violin House, Scogna Sottana – SP – Camping La Sfinge;

Montebello Castle, Poggio Torriana – RN – San Marino Holiday Centre;

Villa De Vecchi – La Casa Rossa, Cortenova – LC – Campsite Poncione

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