Skiing at cheap prices: the areas where you spend little in Italy and Europe

Skiing is an expensive sport, but it is still possible to ski in Europe for little. This was revealed by a report by the Post Travel English Money Office, which has been searching for European locations where it is possible to ski at low cost for 12 years. If first place can be a discovery for many, it is comforting to see that Italy is the most economical country in Europe, with 4 ski areas among the top 10.

The English ranking examines the prices of the activities and equipment needed for a day’s skiing in a location and gets to determine the average price for a ski-themed trip. It is a careful and complete analysis, which includes factors such as the cost of a 6-day ski pass, the prices of ski rentals, ski boots, helmet and other necessary gadgets, lessons with the instructors, meals on the ski slopes, but also the costs of coffee, beer, wine. The districts considered are 25.

The cheapest place to ski in Europe

First place in the ranking is Bansko, the best ski resort in Bulgaria. For years it has been a well-known destination in the community of skiers-travelers from all over the world, known for its truly affordable prices. The district sees a series of slopes between 900 and 2600 meters, but also modern après ski premises.

It is estimated that for an all-inclusive week, 460 euros are spent each, by far the cheapest destination in the old continent: on average it costs all 10% less than in the rest of other countries, and ski lessons, which for a beginner is a considerable expense, generally they are half the price of the famous French, Austrian and Swiss destinations.

Also the ranking of the cheapest summer resorts saw a Bulgarian resort in the first place, the beach of Sunny Beach.

Where to ski in Italy for cheap

Italy is the cheapest country of all, with 4 districts in the top 10. Bardonecchia (Piedmont) is in second place after Bansko, while LaThuile (Val d’Aosta) and Sestriere (Piedmont) are in seventh and eighth place. Cervinia is in tenth position. In place 14 is Selva di Val Gardena.

The ranking of the cheapest European ski areas

The Post Office Travel Money report reports the top 25 ski resorts for convenience in Europe. here they are

  1. Bansko, Bulgaria
  2. Bardonecchia, Italy
  3. Kranjska Gora, Slovenia
  4. Vemdalen, Sweden
  5. Rauris, Austria
  6. Ellmau, Austria
  7. Sestriere, Italy
  8. LaThuile, Italy
  9. Soldeu, Andorra
  10. Cervinia, Italy
  11. Morzine, France
  12. Ruka, Finland
  13. Mayrhofen, Austria
  14. Selva di Val Gardena, Italy
  15. Serre Chevalier, France
  16. Garm, isch Partenkirchen, Germany
  17. Les Deus Aples, France
  18. Kitzbuhel, Austria
  19. Trysil, Norway
  20. Courchevel, France
  21. Grindelwald, Switzerland
  22. Val d’Isère, France
  23. Saas Fee, Switzerland
  24. St. Antron, Austria
  25. Zermatt, Switzerland

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