The safest countries for women traveling alone (Italy is sixth)

More and more women are travelling alone. But as we know, a woman who moves independently is also a target.

Although it is wrong to generalise, it is well known that not all countries are safe for women. So Ampersand Travel, a tour operator specializing in bespoke travel, has published the Wander Women Index, which lists the best countries for those who travel alone.

The report takes into account factors such as the level of women’s rights, culture, security in the adventure, the “Unstable”, the quality of the cuisine and the possibilities of volunteering. These elements were decided after a survey conducted on the female public, which expressed opinions on the important things when making a trip alone.

Safer countries for women travelling alone

The Ampersand ranking sees Japan in the first place, followed by France and Spain. The country of the Rising Sun has a very low crime index and offers a lot of things to do and see for women travelers, from megalopolises like Tokyo to quiet nature parks.

France takes second place for the high level of women’s rights, but also for the quality of culture, food and wine. Such as Burgundy.

Is Italy a safe country for women who travel alone?

The answer is yes. The Wander Women Index puts our country in sixth place, after the first three, the U.S. and Indonesia.

We have a security index of 48.51 (very close to that of France but far from Japan, at 12.8), a score of 7 for culture (compared to 21 in Japan, 16 in Spain and zero in the U.S., here there is something to say).

In Italy there is a high quality of adventure (we are in second place after Brazil) and we place well in the kitchen (seventh, while first place stands for Canada, mah). If you want to know the wildest places in Italy for a Into the Wild holiday, read here.

As for Instarammability, we are second only to Japan. Although we have seen how in reality another ranking places us in the first place.

The ranking of the safest countries for a woman who travels alone

Here’s Ampersand’s ranking.

1. Japan

2. France

3. Spain

4. USA

5. Indonesia

6. Italy

7. Australia

8. Canada

9. Portugal

10. Philippines

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